Your Security and Welfare are our No.1 Priority

We want your stay to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible with us, on Billionaires-Island.


With state of the Art Security, we will ensure there will be no prying eyes, cameras, drones, and or passers-by intruding on your private time in all private secure areas. All public areas well you know the rules of engagement. 

We will also have a Full-time Doctor with a Medical Office down by the Marina Administrative Offices on the island to ensure all can be done locally in the event of an emergency. If serious attention is needed. Given the close proximity of Billionaires-Island to the U.S.A. Miami, we can have the patient Medivac with our Private Helicopter and have them brought directly to the very best Hospital on US soil in less than 30 minutes. Which is faster in most cases taking an ambulance through Miami traffic to the Emergency Hospital.