Billionaires Island will be the first in the World to have have the power of autonomous flight at your fingertips.


ConstantinebyDesigns' Senior Architect Dante Alexander says the move for absolute freedom of flight is essential for our Islands V.I.P Clients to ensure they can come and go and move around as they feel. Therefore we designed for each and every Luxury Villa there own Helicopter landing port that will open and close from the Villas roof structure for year-round weather protection and safe storage during non-use. Each Luxury  Villa Owner will have the year-round enjoyment of there very own Drone Helicopter providing them the freedom to explore neighboring islands or to visit friends on their yacht or just to fly away for a romantic sunset with that special someone onto a deserted island close by.

1st  option below is already available for purchase in 2020.

2nd option from Bell Helicopters wont be available till 2025.

Billionaires Island will be the first in the World to go wherever you want for your Ultimate 007 Island experiance. 


Each Luxury Villa for Billionaires-Island will be provided with there very own Custom Land/Sea amphibious vehicle. More freedom, more thrilling adventures than any other islands at your fingertips.

Our Island Security will be equipped also with these vehicles to have the power to drive around the island and with a flick of a simple button drive straight off the beach into the ocean sea to see what's going around our island for ultimate 24-hour security.


Billionaires-Island will have Electrical White Cute Jeeps Carts for all Villas and Villa Staff to use


Red Electrical Service Staff Vehicles

for island maintenance.

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Billionaires-Island (1).jpg