The Island is a total of 117 Acres

It is located 150miles away from the U.S.A, due East from Miami and Fort Lauderdale

billionaires island reef habitat.jpg

Working together hand in hand with the Bahamian Government and our Projects’ Team will together restore the Island to its former glory from 100’s of years back in history. With its reefs and natural marine life and land habitats to be fully restored is a great start in the right direction for the future trend that international world press and others will surely respect and follow, set by our example.

The island has an enormous space of 117 acres, more than enough room to accommodate all our Client’ wishes and needs for a 7 Star Luxury Development with Marine Research. We wish to fast track this entire permit process and get started as soon as possible with the Honorable Bahamas Ministries. 

The entire project is to be completed in 3 distinct phases: 

1./Marina and Infrastructure

2./ Staff housing and Services

3./ Hotel, Villas, Shops, Clubhouse and Marine Natural Preserves

Anticipated Start Date for the project is September 2020.

This Fall with official Bahamian Government and Owners with a breaking ground ceremony on the Island at the entrance of the new inland island Marina. Expected full completion of the development construction date is to be Fall of 2022. We believe our Eco-Development Plan will add 100’s of Bahamian jobs, plus business for many local companies, and will be viewed internationally as a very innovative, futuristic, sustainable Island lifestyle, at its best!

Privileges and responsibility of owning a Private Island:

Before we venture any further we would like to present our views about owning a Private Island. As a group, we feel if you have the financial ability to own a Private Island then you should also have the financial responsibility of restoring it to its former very best potential. It is really no different than when you buy an old house and do a full restoration and clean up and also add completely new landscaping.

Why should it be any different when owning a Private Island.  Show the World you care and are obligated to do so.


This image is a recent photo taken of Neptunes Island and clearly shows the present state of the island in its entirety. 

The white sand beach directly in front with the cove is the Marina entrance that we are requesting and want to continue into the inland part as per the outline of salt pond water perimeter for our protected Marina.

With not a natural palm, nor flowering bush, nor even a fruit tree on the island, after 100s of years of Hurricanes completely destroying the islands’ plant life and reef life we want to restore the entire island to its former glory with the expertise of our on-island Marine Research Team and Facility.

This is what we envision the Marina entrance shall look like when completed: A all-natural looking Lagoon Paradise.


This is what we would like to transform the entire island into a tropical Garden Paradise. Starting with the Marina Waterfalls flowing back into the Marina to keep the water fresh and clean in order to preserve the natural paradise lagoon look and feel.


This is what we would like to transform the entire island into a tropical Garden Paradise. The rest of the Island will be newly planted with 100's of tropical plant species to fully restore the Island back to a Garden Paradise.


Using the newest Marine Science we can fully restore the Island with thriving reef colonies, full of life, colorful fish and hundreds of reintroduced natural species of fruit trees, coco palms, flowering trees that attract natural birds to return to their lost habitats on island and underwater, so all birds and all fish have a chance to safely thrive again.  Our home called Earth provides the beauty we enjoyed as children and so we want to do the same for our children and our future generations. We can do this if we all work together with the same goal. We also know there is not one of you that would not want to protect your home you are living in with your children.    All the technologies we have today, with modern hurricane engineered systems that has been building all over the World for over 23 years is undeniable proof that properly laid out Development Master plans do work and safeguard everyone’s best interests for our future generations.







Imagine:  Here is what we want to do all around the island creating living breathing life and flourishing healthy marine ecosystems with new restored transplanted coral reefs and interesting concrete artist statues for the fish, lobsters, and crabs to nest into but also a great place for Island guests to snorkel and enjoy the new schools of fish that are now able to return safely to the surrounding area of the Island. This is what it will look like in 2 years with amazing Team efforts.


Supernatural Coral Farming:

All required fresh Organic nutrients for the grafted corals to flourish and eventually self multiply from starting with just a few to eventually creating 1000's of new all different varieties of healthy and strong corals for marine life to thrive in.


By us reintroducing using the best natural Eco- Green Marine farming techniques we can effectively jump-start new life into these almost completely destroyed and sea algae over grown reef systems:  with Lobsters, Crabs, Clams, Shrimp, Sea Urchins, Conch and Parrotfish and many more, but these are some of the most important bottom feeders to keep the corals and reef beds clean and healthy.

By utilizing the natural formed in island marshlands we can effectively contour the land to create large spawning pools that are protected from other predators so the new hatched varieties of fish, shrimps, lobsters, stone crabs clams and sea urchins have a thriving chance to be reintroduced into the wild ocean surroundings of our newly restored and transplanted coral reef habitats. Here is how it looks like on land once we are completed with the Marina, its spawning grounds with constant fresh seawater being pumped into them creating a never-ending clean oxygenated spawning pond with overlapping waterfalls flowing directly back into the inland Marina.

island marine fish farm ponds.jpg

Why we need to do this process to safely bring up the needed species so they have a fighting chance to survive in the ocean. Without these, on island farmed fish ponds and artificial reefs the species we grow will at best have only a 50/50 chance to survive because they will be either fished out again or eaten by predators and therefore cannot clean out the invasive sea algae that need to be constantly removed in these warms waters of the Caribbean first.


With use of these Eco Green sound marine farming practices we can safely reintroduce 10's of 1000's of several key select varieties of fish every year back into the islands reef habitats.

The end result will look like this flourishing underwater oasis full of corals, clean colorful reefs, and aquatic life for a  clean and healthy marine life for future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

billionaires island reef habitats.jpg
billionaires island new marine life  (2)
billionaires island new marine life  (1)

On Island Supernatural Hydroponics Organic Farming: Step 2

All required fresh Organic Vegetables’, Herbs and Fruits shall be planted and be a constant fresh source of food for the entire island:  Owners, V.I.P Hotel Guests, Staff and visitors

billionaires island organic farming.jpg

Hundreds of varieties of Trees:  Palms, Fruit trees and Flowering trees shall be replanted all over the entire Island

billionaires island replanting tropical
billionaires island coco palms.jpg

This end result is what makes it all worth it making this island a truly wonderous tropical paradise. Secluded Beaches for every Villa:  Due to active replanting the entire island

billionaires island replanting tropical

This end result is what makes it all worth it making this island a truly wonderous tropical paradise. Secluded Beaches for every Villa:  Due to active replanting the entire island


Reintroduction of many natural indigenous Bird species:  that has been depleted in the Bahamas Islands will be perfect playground of these birds on the island.

Through effective use of Desalination Plants: 


We shall have all the water we need and the salt extraction shall be recycled and used for our food restaurants use, and for our Spa healing sessions for rubs and baths.


Reintroduction of many natural indigenous Bird species:  that has been depleted in the Bahamas Islands will be perfect playground of these birds on the island.

Getting to the Island:  

The fast and efficient only 40 minutes direct flight to Neptunes-Island with our own on island  Bahamas Custom Immigration to clear you while you already land directly beside your Villa our at our Waterfall Boutique Hotel.

You can also take your private Yacht or take many local Seafloat planes to the island with direct flights from all over


Fastest Direct Island Check-in:  With no more flight delays or stopping on another Bahamas Island first. We will have our very own Direct Seaplane and Helicopter Flights from New York, Fort Lauderdale and Miami to the Island with our very own Authorized Bahamian Customs Clearance Office:  Operating - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for easy no hassle access for all our V.I.P Hotel Guests and Villa Owners.

Time to get to your 7 Star Luxury Private Island:

We will have all our V.I.P Owners and Hotel and Villa Guests on Island in 40 minutes from Miami. So they can start enjoying their 7 Star Private Island experience vacation time with the least amount of time interruption as possible.


Float Plane Dock:  V.I.P -Direct access right beside our Overwater Beach Club


All Luxury Villas with have their very own Roof Top Pool Terraces:  for Panoramic views and ultimate privacy.




List of Development Master plan Features for the entire Island:


  1. Inland protected gated full-service Marina

  2. Security all over entire Island and Bahamas Immigration Office in Marina

  3. Marina Administration Office, Architectural and Sales Presentation Center

  4. Marina Boutiques, Clothing, and Souvenir Shops,

  5. Marina Research with natural fish hatchery ponds

  6. Marina Waterfall, Gourment Food Liqure Markets, and Bistro Tapas Bars

  7. Marine Research buildings & Staff Housing

  8. Eco green Mechanical and septic and water for entire Island

  9. Main full-time island staff housing + apartments

  10. Luxury Boutique Hotel - 20 Suites with Top Fashion Boutiques Shopping 

  11. Pro 9 hole Golf Course and Clubhouse

  12. Pro Tennis Club  with day restaurant

  13. Organic Fruit trees Orchards and plantations planted all around the island

  14. Waterfall Spa Exotic Garden open garden tropical treatments 

  15. Electric Golf Cart Main Road access ways all around the Island

  16. 7 Private Residence and V.I.P Guest Villa for Island Owners

  17. World Private Dance and Music Studio

  18. Overwater Beach Club

  19. 1 beach water-taxi and floatplane and guest visitors dock

  20. 7 Luxury Private Villas with own private Helicopter ports

  21. Exotic Bird Sanctuary

  22. Waterfalls throughout all island tropical park areas

  23. 1 Luxury swim Spa and day healing hot mineral water lagoon

  24. Underground Hydroponics Farms for vegetables and salad herbs

  25. Organic eggs chicken hatchery

  26. Lighthouse Pro Baseball Park with a Stone Crab Bistro Bar

  27. Coco Palms and exotic flowers throughout island replanted

  28. Medical office in Marina 24 hours on call with Doctor

  29. Eco Fish and shellfish Habitats all around the Island installed

  30. Fish and Coral reef habitat grafted and reinstalled all around the island

  31. Ultra Luxury Overwater Villas

  32. Center Stage floating Overwater concert and Movie theatre - via movable barge

  33. Island Ultra Luxury  Performing Artist Music rehearsal recording Studio

  34. Island Arts Performance Outdoor Stage - Roman Amphitheater surrounded by Tropical flora


This to date is a complete list of the Islands’ Master Development Plan for all the 3 proposals.

*All these items will be described and shown in the near future with another page.


 We kindly thank you in advance for your time and consideration of this beautiful and amazing project and hope that you will seriously consider being a part of this amazing one of kind tropical Private Billionaires-Island paradise opportunity.


Billionaires-Island unique, Exclusive 7 Star Ultra exclusive Private Island 1st of its kind in the world to just relax and be pampered for a vacation that you will never forget only the Rich and Famous and a select few V.I.P Owners Guests.


Join in now limited units left and make a solid investment with amazing presale Founders benefits with incredible real estate returns in an initial investment with a limited Founders spots available. Custom Designed Award Winning Architecture Dream Villas or Ultra Luxury Suites by on Billionaires- Island, be part of a hidden Jewel in the Beautiful hidden Berry islands of the Bahamas, only a short 23 minutes flight via private helicopter or floatplane from Miami.

From all our Team we also thank you and look forward to working closely with you to create your ultimate dream destination to ensure the mutual success of this extraordinary project in the Private Islands’ of Bahamas.


This Master plan presentation was prepared by:

Mr. Dante Alexander   | Architect | Project Founder

Ms. Lejla Hujic           | Architect | Project Founder